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Sharma B, Meaders C, Wolfe D, Holappa L, Walcher-Chevillet C and Kramer EM (2019) Homologs of LEAFY and UNUSUAL FLORAL ORGANS Promote the Transition From Inflorescence to Floral Meristem Identity in the Cymose Aquilegia coerulea. Front. Plant Sci. 10:1218. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2019.01218

Sharma et al Supplemental File

Rasmussen, D. E., E. M. Kramer, and E. A. Zimmer. (2009) One size fits all? Molecular evidence for a commonly inherited petal identity program in the Ranunculales. American Journal of Botany, 96:96-109.

AP3 Ranunculales + outgroups.nex
PI Ranunculales.nex

E. M. Kramer, H.-J. Su, C.-C. Wu, J.-M.Hu. (2006) A simplified explanation for the frameshift mutation that created a novel C-terminal motif in the APETALA3 gene lineage. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 6:30.

Eudicot AP3 nt align.nex


Stellari, G. M., M. A. Jaramillo and E. M. Kramer. (2004) Evolution of the APETALA3 and PISTILLATA gene lineages of MADS-box containing genes in the basal angiosperms. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 21:506-519.

AP3+PI MIK aa align.nex
Basal AP3 nt align.nex
Basal PI nt align.nex


Kramer, E. M., M. A. Jaramillo and V. S. Di Stilio. (2004) Patterns of gene duplication and functional evolution during the diversification of the AGAMOUS subfamily of MADS box genes in angiosperms. Genetics, 166:1011-1023.