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Lab meeting in the Zoom era

Kramer Zoom meeting photo

** Breaking News **

Kramer Lab security guards caught sleeping on the job!

Grace and Oscar sleeping on the job
Grace sleeping on the job Oscar sleeping on the job
Grace and Oscar Kramer, heads of lab security, were literally caught sleeping on the job on Wednesday, April 24th.  Lab administration has been notified and vow to investigate. 


Bowl Haven

The Kramer Lab kicked off the new year with a lab outing to Sacco's in Somerville for some bowling, pizza and lots of laughs!

Molly and Minya Steph and Minya
Molly and Minya Steph and Minya
Molly Molly
Molly owning the alley!
Cheng-Chiang Abby, Molly and Steph
Cheng-Chiang going for a strike! Abby, Molly and Steph
Grace opening her yankee swap gift Minya opening her gift
Grace opening her yankee swap gift while Cheng-Chiang looks on Minya really likes her gift!


Anji came to visit Kramer lab and our beautiful F2s!

Anji came to visit Kramer lab and our beautiful F2s!



Kramer Lab holiday photo

Lab Hijinx



Kramer Lab holiday party flip book 2016

Molly, Elena and Min Ya acting as meristems at the OEB holiday party



Kramer Lab holiday party photo

Kramer Lab, left to right- Molly Edwards, Elena Kramer, Min Ya, Claire Meaders, Suzanne Bruijn



Birthday hijinks

“What do you do to celebrate your PI's birthday? Prevent her from going into her office.”



On Mondays, we wear green pants!

"On Fridays, we wear green pants!"  Elena really has to rein in the mean girls table…



Congrats to our graduating seniors!

Congratulations to our graduating seniors, L-R, Imani Bunn, Gabriel Amador and Kate Freedberg, on the completion and
submission of their senior theses!
  Way to go, guys!!



Elena Kramer with her graduating seniors

Elena Kramer celebrates with our graduating seniors



Elena, Gagriel and Minya Gabriel and Minya


Gabriel, Minya, and Imani

Minya and her undergrads showing off their theses



VIGS partyVIGS partyVIGS party

A very chilly VIGS party!



Gracie under desk

Has anyone seen Gracie?!



Kramer Lab holiday party flip book



Kramer Lab at the OEB Holiday Party

Members of the Kramer Lab celebrating the holidays at the OEB Departmental Holiday Party

(Left to right:  Kate Freedberg, Molly Edwards, Elena Kramer, Claire Levy, Imani Bunn and Minya)

Kramer Lab holiday party 2015

The Kramer Lab celebrates the holidays with good food, good friends and a yankee swap! 
From left to right:  Cheng-Chiang Wu, Erin Ciccone, Cristy Walcher-Chevillet, Gabriel Amador,  Elena Kramer, Imani Bunn, Molly Edwards, Kevin Wright (Bomblies Lab), Andrew Lloyd (Bomblies Lab), Kate Freedberg, Claire Levy, Julie Vu and Pierre Baduel (Bomblies Lab)


Kramer Lab holiday party 2015

Holiday treats



Kramer Lab holiday party 2015

From the look of it, Kevin (Bomblies Lab) is NOT a fan of Grumpy Cat.  Maybe Molly will trade her giant wine glass?


Kramer Lab holiday party 2015

Minya and Imani scored the party's most coveted gifts, a Darth Vader goblet and a Secret Garden coloring book


Kramer Lab holiday party 2015

Looks like Andrew (Bomblies Lab) likes his gift!



Kramer Lab holiday party 2015

Pierre Baduel (Bomblies Lab) looking dapper in his new Santa bow tie with matching red suspenders!



Kramer Lab 2015 silly photo

Kramer Lab 2015

Left to right:  Erin Ciccone, Cristy Walcher-Chevillet, Cheng-Chiang Wu, Imani Bunn, Elena Kramer, Minya, Kate Freedberg, Claire Levy, Molly Edwards, and Gabriel Amador.  Front row:  Oscar and Gracie



Kramer Lab 2015

Kramer Lab 2015

The Kramer group thinking deep thoughts



Elena Kramer and Josh Puzey 2012 Harvard Commencement

Congratulations 2012 PhD, Josh Puzey!  Wow, those are some flattering outfits.



Graduating senior thesis student, Kimberly O'DonnellGraduating Senior Thesis Student, Colin Teo


And congratulations to our two graduating senior thesis students, Kimberly O’Donnell and Hoopes prize winner, Colin Teo!  



Commencement hijinksElena Kramer and Anji BalleriniElena Kramer, George Chiang and Anji Ballerini

Congratulations 2010 PhD's, Anji Ballerini, George Chiang and Dan Fulop!

Anji kissing rhino statue George and Gracie
Contrary to impressions, Anji was decidedly NOT a butt-kisser Everyone loves George! Even Gracie!


Kramer Lab 2010

Kramer Lab 2010
Back row:  Josh Puzey, Emily Gleason, Levi Yant,  Jen Winther, Cheng-Chiang Wu, and George Chiang
Front row:  Bharti Sharma, Elena Kramer, Anji Ballerini, and Faye Rosin
On grass:  Oscar and Gracie

Kramer Lab Group Photo August 2005


Kramer Lab, August 2005
Back row:  Cheng-Chiang Wu, Lynn Holappa, Dan Fulop, Billie Gould
Front row:  Jocelyn Hall, Elena Kramer, and Anji Ballerini



Kramer Lab Group Photo March 2005


Kramer Lab, March 2005
Back row:  Dan Fulop, Dimitriy Setnikov, Cheng-Chiang Wu
Front row:  Elena Kramer, Jocelyn Hall, Anji Ballerini, and Billie Gould


Kramer Lab Group Photo, summer 2002


Kramer Lab, Summer 2002
Dan Fulop, Alejandra Jaramillo, Veronica Di Stilio and Elena Kramer




VIGS party